Our Services

□ Management Services
  • 24 Hour contact.
  • Coordinating viewings with existing tenants.
  • Performing regular inspections of property: Both fire and damage inspection.
  • Resolving tenant issues and complaints.
  • Coordinating and meeting contractors for repairs.
  • Preparing damage reports.
  • Recommendations for Tenant Safety.
  • Providing correspondence to tenants and landlords.
  • Key distribution.
  • Collection of rent for lease term.
  • Deposit of rent to landlord if necessary.
  • Collection of damage costs.
  • Serving notice of eviction for late payment.
  • Completing the application forms for Housing Tribunal.
  • Registering the application with the Tribunal and setting date.
  • File all application forms and original lease agreements.
  • Prepare monthly invoices for services provided.
  • Collect all invoices from contractors.
  • File all pertinent documents relevant to property.
  • Issuing rent receipts to tenants.
  • Management fees are based on number of units / bedrooms, gross rents, location, etc.
  • Appearing in court as required on landlord’s behalf.
  • ($200 charge per hearing attended.)

    □ Repair Services
  • Following up on deficiencies.
  • Ensuring repairs are fixed timely and efficiently.
  • Performing routine inspections of property for damages.
  • Mediating tenant requests versus reasonable repairs.
  • 24 Hour emergency service response.
  • Meeting contractors for access to property.
  • Discuss quotes to landlord.
  • Ensuring completion of all required repairs.
  • Arrange/collect payment from tenant if applicable.
  • Included in Management Services.
    □ Chargeable Services
  • Regular hours repair services.
  • After hours emergency repair services.
  • $35 / hour + materials
    $45 / hour + materials

    □ Outdoor Maintenance
  • Grass cutting 3 x monthly, shrubbery, garbage cleanup.
  • Eaves trough cleaning.
  • Weeding flower beds and grass.
  • Pool opening and closure as required.
  • Raking leaves.
  • Snow removal and salting.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Garbage removal and dumping fees.
  • Key copying and lock changing.
  • $15 – $35 per visit depending on property.
    Quoted separately
    Quoted separately
    Quoted separately
    Quoted separately
    Quoted separately
    $40 per hour total for 2 people
    Quoted separately
    $75 per lock.

    □ Fire Prevention /    Maintenance
  • Assure property meets all local Fire Codes.
  • Perform routine inspections of property for fire safety.
  • Yearly smoke detector / CO2 / Fire Extinguisher inspection and battery swap.
  • Gather tenant signatures as they relate to said fire safety inspections.
  • Included in Management Services.