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Reporting Protocol

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Protocol for Reporting Repairs issues, Maintenance Issues, and Filing Complaints

Click to view a PDF version of our Reporting Protocols.

To serve you better and provide timely service regarding the handling of repairs issues, maintenance requests, and complaints, we are sending you this reminder of proper protocol regarding reporting your concerns to BLOCK Properties Niagara.

It is imperative that proper reporting is followed to ensure the quickest response time possible.

DO NOT report ANY issues to people conducting inspections, administrative personnel, or to Chris. They are not set-up to log the issue and cannot initiate a repair action or complaint investigation until the repairs person has logged it into our system.

Simply put, follow the procedures for quicker results.


Always provide;

  • If emailing, the “Subject” title should include your address and if it’s a “Repair” or “Complaint”
  • Your name and phone number
  • Your address
  • A description of the problem
  • Best time for access and any times that don’t work for you

IMPORTANT! Not being available may prolong the resolution time. In the case of an emergency, we will grant access immediately to a repair person regardless of your ability to be there.

Providing the above allows us to;

  1. Contact you directly to coordinate access or collect more information.
  2. Better understand the issue so we can arrive prepared

Please Note: We value your complaint or non-emergency repair issue, and they will be addressed on the next business day if it is emailed after-hours.

Our office hours can be found at: http://blockpropertiesniagara.com/contact-us.


  • Send an email to info@blockpropertiesniagara.com and let us know your concerns. We will send you an acknowledgement that we’ve received your concern(s) by the next business day, so you’ll know we are working to resolve the problem for you.


  • Send an email to info@blockpropertiesniagara.com. Our repairs person will log the issue(s) into our system and delegate the repair/maintenance work to the appropriate party. An acknowledgement reply will be sent to you so that you know it has been logged and we are working on getting the repair or maintenance completed.


  • TEXT to 289-407-4221. Our repairs person will acknowledge receipt of your issue, get it logged into our system and contact the appropriate party to get your emergency resolved as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT! What indicates an emergency issue?

  1. Electrical issues:
    • Burning wires
    • Sparking or arcing, wiring
    • Electrical panels that are hot to the touch
    • Fallen or broken electrical wires.

These types of problems can lead to a fire or electrical shock and are considered an emergency concern. Report it VIA TEXT.

  1. Heating issues:
    • If you are unable to get the inside temperature to at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit and the outside temperature is below 55 degrees, this qualifies as a heating emergency.

This issue requires immediate attention. Report it VIA TEXT.

  1. Plumbing issues:
    • A water leak that cannot be stopped by turning off the waterto an isolated sink, toilet, appliance, etc., or a burst pipe are considered emergencies.
    • A frozen water pipe. This plumbing issue is a potential disaster waiting to happen as the ice can damage the pipe and cause it to rupture.
    • A backed-up sewer line. This is typically indicated when the yard suddenly becomes a swamp and is accompanied by a bad odour. You cannot use ANY toilets, sinks, or showers until it is fixed and therefore this is considered an emergency.
    • Running Toilet. A toilet that consistently makes noise long after flushing (whistling/water running)
    • Clogged Toilet. This one is kind of obvious

These types of plumbing issues are categorized as a plumbing emergency. Report it VIA TEXT.


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